im still wanting to try  

Justwannadoalot 39M
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7/12/2018 12:29 am
im still wanting to try

im beginning to lose interest its been almost two months it seems like all the couples are non existant and the rest just love to sext i know i lose most because i want to bottom or crossdress and to keep my nerve and totally make me want to do it all i take a little party favor before it makes me want to make porn .do a small group bdsm,and dress sexy and im a sub and i love the way that feels 420 helps but my first real time i want it i dont have a job any more hopefully only a week or so but im broke right now so i dont know any couples or a couple couples like the same i have the time lets spin and i can spend a few days if you like come get me and catch me before i lose it and this was for nothing it probably sounds wierd to most but those few that think a fucktoy for the weekend or more if it feels good up to you your the ones i want i will be checking this i will respond

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