Vote In My Take Me From Behind Sex Poll.  

utfrangrl 43F  
8735 posts
2/27/2018 7:28 am
Vote In My Take Me From Behind Sex Poll.

Ok you naughty site people. This is for you women to vote and share a comment to who like a hard cock man to take you from behind. Also for you men to vote and share a comment to who like to take a woman from behind with your hard cock.>>!
Male. Yes I like to give a woman my hard cock from behind.
Male. No I don't like doing this.
Female. Yes I enjoy getting a man's hard cock from behind.
Female. No I don't like doing this.

OPOralLover 47M  
14 posts
2/27/2018 7:34 am

No better position.

funagain77777 64M
656 posts
2/27/2018 7:44 am

Nobody that doesn't like it yet!

HasteBeatsWaltz 61F  
1127 posts
2/27/2018 7:56 am

Love it.

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hrdallnght4u 61M  
4199 posts
2/27/2018 8:00 am

Yes it is awesome..>>!

You can't expect to be Old & Wise..If You were never Young & Crazy!!!

BilalJohn444 24M
11 posts
2/27/2018 10:00 am

It is the better position

sacforplay 30M
16 posts
2/27/2018 10:17 am


backseatrider911 63M
39 posts
2/27/2018 11:48 am

Love the position. Can be used in so many different areas such as, over the back of a chair, shallow end of the pool.

1025mws 54M
577 posts
2/27/2018 11:57 am

I like taking a woman from behind and stuffing my cock in her ass and pussy and filling her full of cum.

sphxdiver 68M  
19918 posts
2/27/2018 1:01 pm

LOVE doing it that way !!!

Leegs2012 45M
27911 posts
2/27/2018 3:03 pm

I love giving my cock to her anywhere!!

eager4unow 61M  
1384 posts
2/27/2018 3:41 pm

One of my favorite positions....

fkmeallnitelong9 48F  
845 posts
2/27/2018 5:34 pm


BiJack55 68M
112 posts
2/27/2018 5:55 pm

Love having a woman from behind. Especially enjoy her sitting on my cock reverse and having her get licked while we fuck.

Bigsxxxy64WV 53M
219 posts
2/27/2018 5:58 pm

Yep...pound that pussy balls deep

outdoorguy959413 68M  
30 posts
2/27/2018 6:04 pm

front, back, side, upside down, right side up it is all very fine

sexybunny4love 51F
246 posts
2/27/2018 8:16 pm

Yup love doggy!!!

~ Dare to be different ~ sexybunny4love

YouMeIsUs69 57M
37 posts
2/27/2018 11:16 pm

Always tighter from behind. Love it!

Lovefun69u 51M  
19 posts
2/28/2018 1:56 am

Love doing it from behind..

throatscock 62M  
232 posts
2/28/2018 5:29 am

Very deep subject.... it's like asking if you like sex.

914Teddybear 50M
20 posts
2/28/2018 6:24 am

It's the best for deep tight pleasure.

rickincs 63M  
27 posts
2/28/2018 7:05 am

Aleays best for me to cum (and her too, lol)!!!!

christinedragon5 59T
3 posts
2/28/2018 9:47 am

don't forget to grab that pony tail

BiGuy4U53 55M
69 posts
2/28/2018 9:58 am

oh i love her in the doggy position and i take her from behind BB. i also love to be taken from behind. you get both deep penetration and usually the hole is tighter. but i will put my cock anywhere she wants it..

4 posts
2/28/2018 10:10 am

love it from behind, can go on and on.....

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mangia222 54M
145 posts
2/28/2018 11:00 am

There's no better Position

uncutdevil 33M  
82 posts
2/28/2018 12:33 pm

I like bending her over the bed or a chair or something while I stand behind her and fuck her

Just4u3371 52M
174 posts
2/28/2018 12:42 pm

Yes .. one of my favorites

dgslover 58M
34 posts
2/28/2018 2:13 pm

i love it doggie style,but like starting out in every position,but rather shoot my load in you from behind.

midiowaguy069 41M  
26 posts
2/28/2018 4:19 pm

i love giving it from behind and watching my cock get squeezed by the pussy ,it is awesome and always like to please a lady

Luv2bottom4u2 61M  
775 posts
2/28/2018 5:38 pm

Grab ahold of those hips and pound away hard and deep

cecilomo 65M
23 posts
2/28/2018 6:31 pm

doggie can get balls deep into tight pussy

temptationplus58 59F  
1021 posts
2/28/2018 6:33 pm

Next poll please.

14 posts
2/28/2018 10:17 pm

my reason why is because you more pushing power and big cum load

fadey66 54M
38 posts
3/1/2018 2:35 am

wow very nice i love this

GiveMeMoreAgain 57M
68 posts
3/1/2018 3:24 am

Spank that ass, pull that hair and kiss the back of her neck. 3 great reasons to take her from behind!

brandygirasol 49T
671 posts
3/1/2018 6:00 am

TRANNY = Yes I LOVE Taking A Hard Cock From Behind

banjo6660 51M
463 posts
3/1/2018 6:18 am

I love it, there is nothing better then having your hands on her hips and ass cheeks and watching your cock go in and out of her. I also love to reach around under her and massage her clit while going in and out of her slowly and listening to her moan with pleasure

tallman60314 35M
53 posts
3/1/2018 6:45 am

The best position ever! Also for ANAL

travelingnlonely 61M
64 posts
3/1/2018 6:46 am

love it .it tends to hit the g spot better

Ursidepiece2day 40M
14 posts
3/1/2018 7:18 am

My favorite

allnitelong2063 54M
64 posts
3/1/2018 8:24 am

mmmmmm yes one of my favs!

RealGuy4u101 55M

3/1/2018 8:43 am

love giving it from behind

sensuallover181 69M
13 posts
3/1/2018 8:47 am

nice position you can hold her tits also

fashionablegma 74F  
4592 posts
3/1/2018 11:54 am

Oh yes love it especially if they grab hold of my hair

FreddiesFling 55M  
3690 posts
3/1/2018 1:14 pm

Giving it to a woman from behind is the best way to give it!

You can visit my blog here FreddiesFling!

Nicolecd1966 51T
7 posts
3/1/2018 3:28 pm

I really enjoy this position, especially when he grabs my hips and lets me feel him deep inside me!!!

swfla56 61M
44 posts
3/1/2018 4:02 pm

All for it, balls go deep

sharecock69 49M
83 posts
3/1/2018 4:13 pm

I love it this way. you can really penetrate that hot pussy!!

onfiresinferno3 61M
53 posts
3/1/2018 8:06 pm

Best access is from behind and if she is into anal so much better!!

bisexualcharle69 53M
219 posts
3/1/2018 11:09 pm

I would like to take a shemale or male hard cock from behind while I lay face down on a bed

GGenadii 38M
1 post
3/2/2018 1:36 am

Beautiful view. And deeply enters .

Crystal_Lake 38F  
279 posts
3/2/2018 1:40 am

How boringly vanilla of you all🖕🖕🖕

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cwg0771 51M  
12 posts
3/2/2018 4:22 am

I love it!

morningwood_61 57M  
23 posts
3/2/2018 7:38 am

absolutely a favorate

OralDrew13 39M
2 posts
3/2/2018 8:22 am

Definitely one of my favorites!

911curly 67M/65F
26 posts
3/2/2018 8:31 am

Love it great position , umm eet on the floor leaning on the bed .

aniceride 47M  
64 posts
3/2/2018 9:22 am

from behind is awesome!

poullaki1982 36M
15 posts
3/2/2018 10:25 am

Yeah baby!!! I love doing this!!!

1horizon 96M
360 posts
3/2/2018 10:56 am

Ye, but you have to love variety, right?

JustUsNow16 54F  
5 posts
3/2/2018 11:06 am

Getting it from behind, lol, I say it as doggie style and it's my favorite..

JohnInNebraska 58M
46 posts
3/2/2018 11:43 am

Love to p ound a woman from behind

MrCumtastik 53M  
7 posts
3/2/2018 3:54 pm

Doggie style is the best

AD12663 51M
7 posts
3/2/2018 6:43 pm

l love taking a women from behind because you can grab the hips and drive in deep>>!

Mythical_Cpl 35M/35F  
20 posts
3/2/2018 8:48 pm

Nothings better than being roughed up from behind by nice BBC.

-The Cajun Hot-Wife

Nightshifts2189 39F
1 post
3/2/2018 9:35 pm

In my Ass,balls deep.please!

klitlikr5 60M
52 posts
3/3/2018 6:28 am

YES ...Love to grab those hips and pound that pussy balls deep

hrnybkr 53M  
56 posts
3/3/2018 6:45 am

Love it doggie See my pics and videos? Like???

Baltofriendly 52M/49F
10 posts
3/3/2018 6:53 am

yes I love it from behind because it makes me feel submissive to my husband who loves me in heels being bend over a table or bed

playtoy484 54M
51 posts
3/3/2018 2:22 pm

Love to fuck doggie.

BBCdaddyDom 37M
4 posts
3/3/2018 5:59 pm

lay her on her back and from behind. either way I'm giving her that good D**K

Softnsweet64 53F
16 posts
3/3/2018 6:04 pm

Rub my clit while you fuck me from behind mmmmm

SuckMy8Plus 52M
132 posts
3/3/2018 7:15 pm

I Love giving someone a 'doggie'.

redy2plzu6969 64M/55F  
26 posts
3/3/2018 9:48 pm

Yes. I do like to give it from behind (and IN the and have found many women that also enjoy sex that way..also I love reverse cowgirl..yummy! Thanks for asking!

redy2plzu6969 64M/55F  
26 posts
3/3/2018 9:49 pm

Yes..I like to give it from behind and also know many women that like it that way. I also love reverse cowgirl! Thanks for asking!

fadey66 54M
38 posts
3/3/2018 9:51 pm

You have a beautiful body and I have a beautiful and wonderful rod that can meet with some add friend thank you

bisexualcharle69 53M
219 posts
3/3/2018 10:21 pm

I would love to fuck u from behind and have a shemale fuck me while I am fucking u

todorov19719 40M
53 posts
3/4/2018 1:20 am

ooooooooooooooooooo yes

gandchodh 33M
60 posts
3/4/2018 3:14 am

I love it very mucch

SouthGeorgiaCoug 60F  
34 posts
3/4/2018 4:33 am

I love having a big cock sliding into me from behind! Doggie is my favorite!

A Cougar searching for cubs!

anything4u58 60M
15 posts
3/4/2018 6:01 am

Love it ,its one of the best positions for full penetration .Its also makes it easy to play with that clit and hold her shoulders so you can give her a good fucking .MM m is it getting hot in here

playtoy484 54M
51 posts
3/4/2018 9:30 am

Love to lick and fuck from behind

youngmanlooking1 46M
10 posts
3/4/2018 11:30 am

Hell I like taking it from behind too so it is all good

2728gsr 46M  
9 posts
3/4/2018 12:27 pm

doggy is the best to have controlled sex

Kinkedstylez 33M
13 posts
3/4/2018 12:30 pm

doggy style is such a fun position

TheBest002018 34F  
1 post
3/4/2018 3:15 pm

At first I was shy about it but then I started getting comfortable with my sexuality now I have to have it when I get fucked. I just love the sound of my ass on a man's strong dick.

Masterpman2 46M
3 posts
3/4/2018 5:05 pm

Guys be real about it we hit it from behind cause it's damn good just be sure to remind her once and awhile that she is pretty or she might think your back there to hide from her face. Lol I'm just being funny cause I like to laugh.

AFFHW0000 57M  
24 posts
3/4/2018 5:46 pm

Variety is the spice of life.

PHD19872007 37M
5 posts
3/5/2018 5:12 am

From behind balls deep

yayfunstuff 48M
1 post
3/5/2018 6:32 am

love to feel a pussy around my cock, from behind doing doggy lets me pound it, my hips smashing against her rear end, love that feeling

SpankMe513 48F  
20 posts
3/5/2018 9:46 am

Best position to be spanked in ... pulling my hair or hand on throat ... mmmmm

Redhotwilliam 45M
2 posts
3/5/2018 2:16 pm

gets me off far too quickly but best position ever Wilxxx

madeamark 64M
69 posts
3/6/2018 2:17 pm

Absolutely the deepest!!!

kegspoon 68M  
17 posts
3/6/2018 3:09 pm

For its intended use its more effective than missionary.

screwdriveher 55M/51F  
25 posts
3/6/2018 5:23 pm

Whew! Nothing like it. Feeling that hard pounding cock thrusting inside my hot wet pussy! Feeling his balls bounce against my ass. His hands on my hips and the boobs bouncing....

Studzz90 46M  
12 posts
3/6/2018 6:27 pm

My favorite by far

superhero2013 52M
73 posts
3/7/2018 4:14 am

best position ever!! >>!

mreasyguy6969 42M
30 posts
3/7/2018 4:58 am

I did last night while I fucked her ass and pussy from behind

dyxson 68M/68F  
44 posts
3/7/2018 5:38 am

It's a great position..

Oral2Uonly 44M
14 posts
3/7/2018 6:25 am

Is that a trick question .....lmao

hopeingforfun 65M  
140 posts
3/7/2018 12:22 pm

I love taking a woman from behind and watching her boobs swing!

40lokng4older 46M
7 posts
3/7/2018 2:07 pm

I love anal giving or getting

519bicurious 62M
13 posts
3/7/2018 4:01 pm

Absolutely love i, and watering that wonderful rosebud

sexy_rexy2000 57M  
430 posts
3/8/2018 7:35 am

Bend over .....and get ready..............

salmel02 51M/46F  
855 posts
3/8/2018 9:56 am

Like to get a hard cock from behind.>>!

twoxjr 58M  
2 posts
3/8/2018 1:24 pm

>>! what about us guys? some of us likes it either way, by a hot ...\8 or by a strap-on.

JeffXcitedNow 63M
92 posts
3/8/2018 5:08 pm

iYes it is a delight as anal sex provides both partners with the greatest multiple organisms!!!

justchillin692 57M
29 posts
3/9/2018 5:47 am

Always take a woman from behind. Pull her in by her hips, spank her, pull her hair and kiss the back of her sexy neck!

8yourpussy6969 47M
2 posts
3/9/2018 6:05 am

My favorite. Always makes me cum hard

coastHWY101 36M
20 posts
3/9/2018 12:06 pm

One hand around neck other pulling your hips into my cock

Some1Knocking 56M  
127 posts
3/9/2018 2:20 pm

Doggie style is part of a well balanced

Well, I believe in the soul, the cock, the pussy, the small of a woman's back...

namnori3000 50M
6 posts
3/9/2018 4:15 pm

I love it. Not all the time, but in the rotation....

TuAmor06 57M
33 posts
3/10/2018 4:26 am

Always tighter from behind! Pull her in soft, hard, slow or fast! Go deep! Of course grab the pony tail.

TuAmor06 57M
33 posts
3/10/2018 9:51 am

Take her from behind every chance I get!

darkone305 33M
75 posts
3/10/2018 1:21 pm

One of the best things to do

iraduu 44M
2481 posts
3/10/2018 4:36 pm

position for hot sex

gatosedutor2018 29M
15 posts
3/10/2018 6:54 pm


craigers4u 49M  
6 posts
3/11/2018 1:40 am

Double thrust doggie most women love it!!! Oh and men lol lol pound on!!!

todorov19719 40M
53 posts
3/11/2018 4:24 am

i wanna fill this very hot pussy and any more

glu04 49M
159 posts
3/11/2018 4:51 am

Nothing like if both hole is getting fucked

spewonme2 54F  
15 posts
3/11/2018 6:08 am

Mmm his hands on my hips as he thrusts into me. Control and take me!

GiveMeMoreAgain 57M
68 posts
3/11/2018 7:26 am

Feels so tight when I give it to her from behind!

David09033 47M
138 posts
3/11/2018 8:17 am

Love being behind

outtanames3 25M
16 posts
3/11/2018 8:51 am

Thats like the bread and butter of sex

3200Ram 36M
166 posts
3/11/2018 12:04 pm

this position also nice

WikinHalifax 49M  
88 posts
3/11/2018 12:35 pm

It's the best and allows for lot of creativity

Jdojo 28M
23 posts
3/11/2018 2:33 pm

A nice ass is a real turn on for me and this position does it

Cthornydevil 56M
17 posts
3/11/2018 2:36 pm

Fran, do you like taking it from behind?

submurad69 32M
16 posts
3/11/2018 2:45 pm

i enjoy licking butthole in that position too

catbird1934 83M  
3 posts
3/11/2018 5:53 pm

I love to do it to her from behind, into either hole.

Couplesfuntime98 42M/43F  
3 posts
3/12/2018 5:04 am

Love it when my wife beensover and I fuck her from behide >>!

2017Up4You 50M
3 posts
3/12/2018 7:07 am

I don't like doggie exclusively, but great for start of impromptu session!

HotGuyFantasy 29M
16 posts
3/12/2018 8:40 am

Doggy is the best!!!

Mithuna69 56M  
11 posts
3/12/2018 10:22 am

one of the best positions!

discretion66992 59M
6 posts
3/12/2018 10:48 am

my favorite if I am on the bottom

Darkfreaky14bbw 37M
55 posts
3/12/2018 5:50 pm

I’ll beat that ass up while pulling her hair like she owes me money

Filmnut696969 55M

3/12/2018 7:45 pm

Love the feel esp with smaller framed woman

RestlessiNAustin 45M  
1 post
3/12/2018 8:18 pm

fun to bump and stop in a bottom out from behind with a hand full of hair for control you ladies cum faster when its from behind? seems like a sure way to get you girls off...

YouMeIsUs69 57M
37 posts
3/12/2018 8:35 pm

Always have to take it from behind! She would be disappointed if I didn't!

fadey66 54M
38 posts
3/12/2018 9:41 pm

Yes I like to give a woman my hard cock from behind. You have a beautiful body and I have a beautiful and wonderful rod that can meet with some add friend thank you

Cyonide77 41M  
1 post
3/13/2018 6:36 am

my favorite position

nkdplaymates2 53M/51F
51 posts
3/13/2018 8:30 am

OMG, yes. Bend me over and pound me hard. Slap my ass, talk dirty to me and fuck me good. Yes, i love being bent over and fucked, hard and deep. And often.

Fyrman91 60M
8 posts
3/13/2018 9:49 am

One of the best.

Find them hot... and leave them wet.

GiveMeMoreAgain 57M
68 posts
3/13/2018 1:26 pm

Always take it from behind. Enjoy pulling a woman in by her hips!

1hardcock00 54M
1 post
3/13/2018 4:50 pm

Its awesome from behind because you can pound it hard

hoeny4u 62M
32 posts
3/13/2018 9:29 pm

howl for me baby

Cumoveru666999 34M
6 posts
3/14/2018 3:43 am

Cumoveru666999 34M
6 posts
3/14/2018 3:44 am

20 posts
3/14/2018 4:07 am

All night long as i grab her hips

menfree61 56M  
1 post
3/14/2018 1:25 pm

fucking a women from behind leaves you with options to her tits and clit,more pleasure for

toy20666 60M
77 posts
3/14/2018 2:24 pm

It feels so good from behind, I love it , want more

aussielicker699 52M
22 posts
3/14/2018 2:36 pm

Absolutely my favourite position balls deep fondle the breasts and with a clit rub

RobSub4Mistress 49M
1 post
3/14/2018 2:55 pm

The answer to "do you like etc." is yes so I voted yes. But if you would have asked is it your favorite position the answer would have been NO

travelingnlonely 61M
64 posts
3/14/2018 7:07 pm


funasianma1e 43M
36 posts
3/14/2018 9:05 pm

probably one of the easiest polls

ILveTHICKWomen 46M
71 posts
3/15/2018 6:52 am

OH YES I love doggie just watching my BBC grinding hard in a fat pussy in and out slowly

Darbintx 48M
49 posts
3/15/2018 7:10 am

What I want is to make you cum as many times as possible...... so I will gladly slide in anyway that make you want to cum!!!

summerfun270 54M
57 posts
3/15/2018 7:37 am

Love that hot pussy.

garylawyer 41M  
10 posts
3/15/2018 12:12 pm

basic instinct position since man and woman began fornicating!

bim4bifandcouple 40M
5 posts
3/15/2018 1:06 pm

Hell I like to give it and take it in the behind

381stcomsq 50M  
53 posts
3/16/2018 3:35 am

I believe a demostration is in

shoot806 30M
5 posts
3/16/2018 7:24 am

l love it!

LayMeDown17 49F  
36 posts
3/17/2018 4:07 pm

Nah i would much rather ride a hard cock.

jason2371961 57M
356 posts
3/18/2018 2:47 am

yes it very nice

scratchanitch55 55M  
1 post
3/18/2018 6:01 am

Love taking a woman from behind, pulling on her hair and smacking that ass while pounding it. But only after eating it first...

sanjan2201 34M
23 posts
3/18/2018 6:44 am

no other better position, one of the best love making

centralmass000 46M
11 posts
3/19/2018 6:03 am


slave5747 40M
33 posts
3/19/2018 10:30 am

love it

slave5747 40M
33 posts
3/19/2018 10:31 am


slave5747 40M
33 posts
3/19/2018 10:33 am

hot ass

PatsFan4589 41M
34 posts
3/19/2018 12:48 pm


IamKooladventure 55M
21 posts
3/19/2018 8:29 pm

if you want it hard no better way

stonewall19502 67M
47 posts
3/19/2018 9:27 pm

why not it is one of the most fun and erotic ways of giving her a good fucking and you get in deeper which most ladies enjoy

muddycoffee99 60M
47 posts
3/20/2018 11:47 am

Dropping down and licking and sucking a freshly fucked, cum filled pussy and ass are awesome activities as next career will be doggy position pussy licking serviceman.

inspired234 42M
3 posts
3/20/2018 4:18 pm

cowgirl my fav

Vetted75 40M
21 posts
3/20/2018 5:27 pm

There’s nothing better than taking her sweetness from behind and lifting her ass a lil and watch her Love muscles as they hug and wrap around your thick cock!!

fadey66 54M
38 posts
3/20/2018 6:57 pm

yes yes yes i love this wow wow wow

macropi 50M
27 posts
3/20/2018 8:53 pm


sanjayloves3 36M
21 posts
3/21/2018 2:59 am

universal style of fucking begin with doggy and end with ...

hottar69 61M  
37 posts
3/21/2018 6:57 am

I love doggy.😋

Ahenry008 67M
7 posts
3/23/2018 7:47 pm

Enjoy sometimes...a very dominant position.

OC_NY_Guy 38M
3 posts
3/24/2018 8:11 pm

Is the best way to do it!

251985sys 55M  
31 posts
3/25/2018 12:22 am

yes behind is one of my faves

kjm63 54M  
8 posts
3/25/2018 11:49 pm

Nothing like taking a woman from behind, love how it feels.

lostboy4422 51M
22 posts
3/26/2018 7:24 am

Yes yes there a better way

imready8633 38M  
2 posts
3/27/2018 7:26 pm

I also like to take them from behind too.

GiveMeMoreAgain 57M
68 posts
3/28/2018 5:00 pm

Of course sex from behind is important. Mmmm

oralyyours702 64M
122 posts
3/29/2018 3:21 pm

the scenery is fantastic from behind!!!

james120132014 42M
25 posts
3/30/2018 5:42 pm

I like to give my girl my hard cock from behind wild a pull her by the hair.

luv2bewached40 49M
15 posts
3/31/2018 9:02 pm

love doggy but also love anal!

uncutkokomo 66M

4/2/2018 6:00 am

I love doing it but have never got a woman off doggy. Maybe I need a bigger cock or something in the way I do it?

Silvers1975 50M/50F
10 posts
4/2/2018 12:04 pm

Nothing better!!!

j40rgy 50M
36 posts
4/4/2018 5:22 am

Doggy, doggy , I got your bone,
Bend right over -I will drive it home!

Funtimes1677 38M
7 posts
4/4/2018 10:21 am

I love that position!

Sentri1976 41M
21 posts
4/5/2018 5:30 pm

Of course, however she wants it

cnusatisfy 49F  
1 post
4/7/2018 5:01 pm

Please pull my hair too

sdnjd15 36M/35F  
15 posts
4/7/2018 7:57 pm

One of my favorite positions!

luv2bewached40 49M
15 posts
4/8/2018 10:42 pm

doggie is great! aarf!!

luv2bewached40 49M
15 posts
4/8/2018 10:43 pm

doggie is great

Submissivetony21 43M
1 post
4/10/2018 11:57 am

Love it when she can make that ass bounce too

UrIceCreamMan69 64M  
35 posts
4/11/2018 8:02 pm

Yes, I very much like to do this - it's a great view and feels great

sanjayloves3 36M
21 posts
4/14/2018 6:52 am

hard fuck doggy is the best

Bigdrey36 37M
2 posts
4/15/2018 2:57 pm

Heck yeah I love giving my big dick from behind especially when a girl knows how to clap that ass

MikeandMike241 37M  
12 posts
4/16/2018 6:01 pm

Fuck, it’s our favorite. Love split roasting the women folk

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