Add a personal touch! use Auto Reply to send a personalized message to members who reach out to you.

Set Up Auto Reply


    Message Center

    Use your Message Center to keep track of your conversations with other members.


    Can't find your messages? Go to the left panel and update your default view by toggling between "Active Conversations" and "Pending Conversations".

    Share Private Albums – You are now able to create and share private albums with other members. Select the "Share Private Albums" button in a conversation to get started. After selecting albums to share, the other member will receive an invitation to view your albums in the message center. All Private Album invitations will last for 72 hours.

    NEW Virtual Gifts – Message Center now allows you to use your points to send virtual gifts along with your messages. These gifts will make your messages stand out more. In addition, the more gifts you send, the more points the recipient gets! Low on points? Get more points.

    How to customize which conversations you see

    The Show menu lets you to choose the conversations you want to view in the Message Center. The numbers in parentheses indicate the count of unread messages in each category:

    All Messages – This is the view that contains all of your conversations and messages, including the ones you have sent to and received from other members. Under All Messages, you can use these categories to help you locate your conversations:

    Active Conversations – Messages you have received from other members and messages you have received a reply to. Under Active Conversations, you can further filter the list by 'Important' or 'Others'.

    Important – Conversations from members that match your Cupid preferences, Friends, in your Hotlist, or VIP members
    Others – Messages from members that are not in the above 4 categories

    Pending Conversations – Members who have not replied to your message yet

    If you want to be more organized, you can create Personal Folders and move conversations out of 'All Messages' and keep them in these custom folders.

    The Type dropdown lets you filter further within each category:

    Unread – Conversations with any messages that you have not read
    Read – Conversations with all messages that you have read
    Replied – Conversations in which you are the last person to reply
    Unreplied – Conversations with messages that you have not replied to yet

    For more help with your Message Center, please click here.